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Build Instructions for Windows

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Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

To build the Hippo OpenSim Viewer for Windows, it is strongly suggested to use Mircosoft's Visual C++ 2005. The freely available Express edition is perfectly fine.

Getting the Source

The source code is available from the OpenSimulator Forge Subversion Repositiory.

You can check out the latest release from the OpenSim Forge:

svn co http://forge.opensimulator.org/svn/opensim-viewer/trunk source

Note that the trunk might have incomplete features or might not even compile.

Quicktime SDK

Note: Quicktime is required for playing movies in-world. The download is free, but you have to register at the Apple web site.

Visual Studio Runtime DLLs

Note: These DLLs are only required for packaging your build into an installer.

  • Copy msvcp71.dll to linden/indra/newview
  • Copy msvcr71.dll to linden/indra/newview
  • Copy msvcp80.dll to linden/indra/newview
  • Copy msvcr80.dll to linden/indra/newview


First you need to prepare the build tree:

cd source
cd scripts
cd ..

Open the generated VS2005 solution linden/indra/build-VC80/SecondLife.sln and select your build target:

  • Debug
    Full debugging information and debug libraries. Not tested by me.
  • RelWithDebInfo
    Release libraries, but full debugging information. Recommended for testing and debugging.
  • Release
    Recommended for the final release build.

Then build the solution...