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The limits for building are established by the platform. In OpenSim, Hippo is capable of building prims as large as 256x256x256. However, SL supports prims only up to 10x10x10. Therefore, while using Hippo in SL, you will not be able to set prim dimensions beyond 10x10x10.

OpenSim Second Life
Max. Prim Scale 256x256x256 10x10x10
Max. Height 10,000 m 4096 m
Max. Transparency 100 100
Max. Hollow 95/99(1) 95
Min. Hole Size 0.05/0.01(1) 0.05
Max. Groups 100(2) 25


  1. As the extended range for hollow and minimum hole size is not properly rendered on other viewers, the Hippo OpenSim Viewer, by default, restricts editing to the range supported by all viewers. You can opt in to the extended range for each grid independently in the grid manager.
    The Hippo OpenSim Viewer always renders prims using the extended range properly, even if turned off for editing.
  2. The extended group limit is set only in the viewer. This will probably need to be adapted, once the details of group support in OpenSim get defined.