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Build Instructions for Linux

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You need the following tools and libraries for building the source under Linux:

  • Subversion (Debian/Ubuntu package: subversion)
  • Python 2.5 (Debian/Ubuntu package: python)
  • CMake 2.4 or 2.6 (Debian/Ubuntu package: cmake)
  • GCC 4.1 compiler (Debian/Ubuntu package: g++-4.1)
  • Flex tokenizer (Debian/Ubuntu package: flex)
  • Bison parser generator (Debian/Ubuntu package: bison)
  • OpenGL library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: mesa-common-dev)
  • OpenGL Utility library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: libglu1-mesa-dev)
  • C library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: libc6-dev)
  • C++ library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: libstdc++6-dev)
  • X11 library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: libx11-dev)
  • SSL library headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: libssl-dev)
  • zlib headers (Debian/Ubuntu package: zlib1g-dev)

Getting the Source

The source code is available from the OpenSimulator Forge Subversion Repositiory.

You can check out the latest release from the OpenSim Forge:

svn co http://forge.opensimulator.org/svn/opensim-viewer/trunk source

Note that the trunk might have incomplete features or might not even compile.


To build the viewer and package it into an archive run the following commands::

cd source