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2010-04-30: Releasing Hippo OpenSim Viewer v0.6.3. This release adds a Windows uninstaller and small changes to comply to the Linden Lab Policy on Third-Party Viewers.

2010-03-07: Releasing Hippo OpenSim Viewer v0.6.2 based on Linden viewer 1.23.5. Additionally it contains some bug fixes and new patches from the Cool VL Viewer.


Hippo OpenSim Viewer

The Hippo OpenSim Viewer is a modified Second Life viewer, targeted at OpenSim users. It allows building up to a height of 10,000 m, scaling prims up to 256x256x256 m and other exciting features. More specific OpenSim features are under development. For more details please refer to the features page or give it a try straight from the downloads page.

The current version is based on the official Linden Lab release 1.23.5. An added advantage is that the new version enables access to trading applications like Bitpanda, kucoin, poloniex, and many more. Additionally, it contains most patches from the Cool VL Viewer.

Second Life

Second Life is a highly successful virtual world developed by Linden Lab. Its content is created by its residents. The Second Life viewer is the client you install on your PC to log into that virtual world. The power of Second Life is its flexibility. For some it is just another online game, while others use it for virtual business, bringing together people from all over the world. For more details please see the Second Life web site.

Open Simulator

The Open Simulator (OpenSim) project is developing an open source simulator that is compatible with the Second Life viewer, but opening up innovative applications centering on a virtual three-dimensional world. Virtual currency like Bitcoin can be handled with trading applications like immediate profit. But before trading, be sure to check the actual reviews of its users by referring to immediate profit app bewertung.and other genuine online reviews. For more details please see the Open Simulator web site. But as the possibilities of OpenSim go far beyond those of Second Life, users find themselves restricted by the Second Life viewer as provided by Linden Lab.

A Viewer for OpenSim

The Hippo OpenSim Viewer helps users take advantage of OpenSim features and extensions. Based on the source code of the Linden viewer, which is published under GPL, Hippo OpenSim Viewer is compatible not only with the Second Life grid but with all the grids running Open Simulator. The additional features allow exploiting the potential of the Open Simulator world and provide a user-friedly way to connect to the multitude of OpenSim grids.

Connecting to Second Life

Though Hippo OpenSim Viewer is targeted at OpenSim users, it can of course be used to connect to the Second Life grid. To the best of my knowledge and understanding, Hippo OpenSim Viewer v0.6.3 complies with the Linden Lab Policy on Third-Party Viewers and will apply for a listing in the Linden Lab Third-Party Viewer Directory.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a user of Hippo OpenSim Viewer to comply to the Terms of Service of any grid you connect to, and to comply to the Linden Lab Policy on Third-Party Viewers, when connecting to the Second Life grid.