Hippo OpenSim Viewer - Features

The Hippo OpenSim Viewer is a modified viewer, targeted at OpenSim users. It allows building up to a height
of 10,000 m, scaling prims up to 256x256x256 m and other exciting features. More specific OpenSim features are under development.

The current version is based on the official Linden Lab release 1.21.6.

NOTE: This viewer can connect to the Second Life grid, but there the usual limits of Second Life apply.

Limitations Removed or Extended

The host simulator platform establishes the exact parameters and limitations enforced by the viewer. For more details please see the limits page. Some highlights for OpenSim:

  • Build up to 10,000 m.
  • Scale prims up to 256x256x256 m.
  • Set transparency up to 100 in the edit window.
  • Set the hole size down to 0.01 for prim shapes like torus (optional).
  • Set hollow up to 99 (optional).
  • Join up to 100 groups.

Grid Manager

  • New tab "Grids" added to the preferences window, just below "Skins".
  • New button "Grids" added to login screen between "Connect" and "Quit". This button directly brings up the new tab.
  • The new "Grids" tab allows adding new grids or editing existing grids, selecting the default grid and selecting the grid for login.
  • Grid settings can be retrieved with the new GridInfo Protocol, if the grid server supports it.
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Trees and Grass

  • Select the kind of tree or grass to be rezzed from a new combobox added to the create dialog.
  • The combobox is enabled only when the tree or grass tool is selected.
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Changed Default Values

  • Connect to
  • Allow multiple concurrent viewers ("-multiple" is default).
  • Increase the default value for MaxSelectDistance from 64 to 300.


  • Torley's windlight settings are installed with the viewer.
  • Only the English language setting is implemented.
  • Replace references to Second Life with OpenSim and OSGrid (ongoing).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed viewer crash from parsing empty LLSD response. This caused crashes when, for example, saving a script or bringing up the world map.
  • llMapDestination() works now up to 15,000 m (was clamped at 1000 m).